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August 18, 2001

July 3, 2001

May 2, 2001

Old News

Manufacture Model Name CPU/Video Chip X window system
Compaq LTE 4/75 486-75 ready
LTE5000 Notebook P75+ ready
Cirrus Logic GD754x
Presario 1600 laptop Celeron ready
Fujitsu FMV-5100NC/S Pentium 100 ready(8bpp/16bpp)
NeoMagic 2090
FMV-BIBLO NC13D P5-133 ready
NeoMagic 128ZV
IBM PC110 ?? ready
ThinkPad 360C TFT 486SX-33 ready
Western Digital WD90C24
ThinkPad 755c 486-DX4-75 ready
Western Digital wd90c24
ThinkPad 700 486SLC-25MHz ready
ThinkPad390E 300MHz Pentium ready
NeoMagic 256 (AV)
NEC PC-MB12CUDA1 (98 mobio NX) MMX P5-120 ready(4bpp)
NeoMagic MagicGraph 128ZV (NM2093)
Sharp PC-8901J i486DX4-75 ready
Twinhead SubNotebook 486SL 486SL ready
Cirrus Logic CL-GD1642
Veridata XtraPro 486 S/25 Cyrix 486SLC ready
Cirrus Logic CL-GD 6410
Manufacture Model Name CPU/Video Chip X window system
Toshiba Libretto-100 MMX P5-166 ready(4bpp)



Libretto110CT MMX-P5-233 ready
NeoMagic MagicGraph 128XD (NM2160)
Manufacture Model Name CPU/Video Chip X window system
Sony VAIO PCG-C1 MMX P5-233 ready ready ready
NeoMagic MagicMedia256AV (NM2200)
Manufacture Model Name CPU/Video Chip X window system
Acer NOTE950 Pentium 75/90 ready (4)
C&T 65545
akia Tornado 512/509 Pentium 120/90 800x600 ready(4)
C&T 65548
Tornado 513P Pentium 133 800x600 ready(4)
C&T 65548
Tornado 510V P5-130 800x600 ready(4)
CL- GD7543
Tornado 510V P5-100 ready


CL- GD7543
Tornado 513V P-133 no information
CL- GD7543
Tornado 513M P-133 ready
C&T 65548
Tornado TS166 notebook computer MMX-P5-166 ready
Neomagic 128XD (NM2160)
ALTIMA ALTIMA Pentium 90 no information
no information
AST ASCENTIA 950N Pentium 75 800x600x256(3)(A)
Cirrus Logic GD7543
ASCENTIA J Series Pentium 75/100 no information
C&T 65548
ASCENTIA P Series Pentium 100 no information
Cirrus Logic GD7543
AST Ascentia P-P50 CTS11 Pentium 100 ready
CL- GD7543
AST Ascentia P55 P-133 ready
AST Ascentia P70 P-150MMX ready
C&T 65550
CANON INNOVA 450CS DX2-50/DX4-100 800x600x16(A)
OPTi 92C177
INNOVA 475CS/475CST Cyrix DX4-75 Ready Ready(256 colors)
OPTi 92C178
INNOVA 575S-500P





Pentium 75/90/120 Ready
OPTi 92C178
INNOVA 4100CS-500 ??? ready 256 colors
OPTi ???
CASIO FIVA 101 MPC-101M32 Cyrix MediaGX 200MHz ready


FIVA MPC-206 Crusoe ready(4.0.3)
Silicon Motion Lynx EM+
Compaq LTE5250 Pentium 120 ready (8bpp)
LTE5280 Pentium xxx ready (8bpp) with Accel-X
ARMADA 4100 Pentium 100/120/133 No information
ARMADA 4130T Pentium 133 ready
ARMADA 4125T P5-120 ready(XFree86 with Armada 4130T config)
ARMADA 1580DMT MMX P5-155 ready
Cirrus CL-GD7548
Armada1130 P5-120 ready
Cirrus clgd7548
LTE 5300 P133 ready
Cirrus Logic GD754x
Presario 1247 AMD K62 - 400MHz ready
Trident CyberBlade 7i
DEC HiNote Ultra II Pentium 133/120/100 ready

ready (256 colors and 16bpp)

C&T 65545
DELL LatitudeXPi old model Pentium 120/90 ready
LatitudeXPi133ST Pentium 133 ready (256 colors, with Accel-X 2.1)

ready(but 16colors)

NeoMagic MagicGraph2070
LatitudeLM Pi133ST Pentium 133 may be ready (but 16colors)
NeoMagic MagicGraph2070
Latitude xpi P90T P5-90 ready
Latitude XPi CD P150ST P5-150 ready
Ergo Computing, Inc. CD PowerBrick 2 Pentium 133 ready(16bpp)
EPSON VIVIDY VN575/590/512 DSTN/TFT Pentium 120/90/75 XF86Config
C&T 65545
VIVIDY VN{513,512,510}ET P 133/120/100 ready (16bpp)
Trident Cyber9385
Frontier KOUJIRO RT-166mini (RIOS SYSTEM CLAVIUS) MMX P5-166 ready
C&T 65555
Fujitsu FMV-475NU/S DX4-100 Now working
no information
FMV-575NU/W Pentium 75/DX4-100 No information
C&T 65545


Pentium 75/DX4-100 ready
C&T 65545


P5-100 ready
C&T 65548


P-100 ready
C&T 655458
FMV-5120NA/W Pentium 120 ready (4) ready with XFree86 3.2
C&T 65545
FMV-5133NA/W Pentium 133 ready
Trident Cyber 9385


P133/120 ready
Trident Cyber 9385
FMV-5133NP/W P5-133 ready
C&T 65550
FMV-Biblo NU-133 P5-133 ready
Trident Cyber 9382
FMV-5166NA5/X P5-166MMX ready
Trident Cyber 9382
FMV-BIBLO NU13D P-133 ready
Trident Cyber 9382
FMV-BIBLO NC313 MMX P5-133 ready
NeoMagic MagicGraph 128ZV+
FMV-5120NU2/W P5-120 ready
C&T 65550
FMV-Bibilo NU623D MMX P5-233 ready
Trident Cyber 9382-1
Trident Cyber9388-1
FMV-BIBLO NE823 MMX P5-233 ready
Trident Cyber 9388
Lifebook C325+ MMX P5-266 ready
Trident Cyber 9388/9388-1 Rev 211
FMV-5133NA6-W MMX P5-133 ready
Trident Cyber 9397
FMV-5166 NU8/W MMX P5-166 ready
Trident Cyber 9382-1
FMV-5120 NU2/Y Intel P5-120MHz ready
Chips &Technologies CT65550
Gateway2000 Solo S90/S120 Pentium 90/120 ready
C&T 6554x
SOLO 2100 P133 ready

another ready

Cirrus CLGD7548
Solo 9100 JP 166LS P5-P55CLM-(MMX)-166 ready
C&T 65554
Solo5100 233LS MMX P5-233 ready
C&T 65555
3100XL P6-II 300 ready
NeoMagic 256AV
Hitachi FLORA1010NE Pentium 90 no information
no information
FLORA-ND1 Pentium 120/90 no information
no information
FLORA-NM1 Pentium 120/90/75 no information
no information
M120D P5-120 ready
CL- GD7543
FLORA Prius note 210g (RIOS SYSTEMS NP40J Chandra2) MMX P5-166 ready
C&T 65555
Prius-note-230e MMX P5-133 ready
C&T 65554
Hewlett Packard Pavilion N3110 Intel Celeron 433 MHz ready
Silicon Motion, Inc. LynxE SM811
Hyper DATA Hyper DATA Pentium 100A 800x600 ready(1)(A)
C&T 65545
IBM ThinkPad755CX Pentium 75 ready
ThinkPad760C/CD Pentium 90/120 ready
Trident lcd9320
ThinkPad535 Pentium 120 ready and ready with XFree86 3.1.2G or later server
Trident 9320
ThinkPad560 Pentium 100/120/133 ready make XF86Config exactry ready make XF86Config exactry

with XFree86 3.1.2G or later

old method

ready XFree86 3.2

Trident 9382
ThinkPad 560E (TP560E/Type 2640) P5-133 ready ready for XFree86 3.3.2


Trident Cyber 9382
Think Pad 365XD P120 40MB TFT 4xCD P5-120 ready
Trident 9320LCD
Think Pad 365XD P120 DSTN P5-120 ready
Trident 9320LCD
Think Pad 365XD P100 DSTN P5-100 ready
Trident 9320LCD
ThinkPad 365X P5-120 ready
Trident LCD9320
ThinkPad 535X MMX P5-200 ready(4bpp) ready(8,16bpp)
NeoMagic MagicGraph 128XD
ThinkPad 535 2606-MF9 P5-133 ready
Trident Cyber 9320 rev 227
IBM ThinkPad 535E Intel P5-MMX 150MHz ready
trident cyber9320
IBM ThinkPad 760XL P166 ready
TGUI ( Trident ) Cyber9385
ICM LIBRAGE Pentium 75 maybe ready(2)(A)
C&T 65545
Kapok 5400 multimedia P5-133 ready
CL-GD 7543
5200T P5-100 ready
Cirrus Logic CL- GD7543
LapNote (a store brand in Boston) LapNote P150 P5-150 ready
Trident Cyber 9385 / TGUI9660
LapNote Optiview P5-MMX ready
Trident Cyber 9385 / TGUI9660
Micron Millennia Transport P5-133 ready/ Compaq -ARMADA4130T method
Mitsubishi apricot NOTE GX Cyrix MISC-100MHz no information
C&T 65540
apricot NOTE FX Pentium 75/90 Ready (256 colors)
C&T F65545
Amity CN M3031-P47S1 MMX P5-200 ready
NeoMagic 2097
NEC VERSA ???? XF86Config
C&T 65545
NEC PC-AL13C_(98_Aile_NX) P5-MMX-133 Ready
MagicGraph 128XD
PC98-NX LV13C MMX P5-133 ready
Trident Cyber9385
O.C.C. Perfect PC Notebook Pentium 100 no information
no information
OHTEC IDaTeN FNP5120D Pentium 120 No information
no information
Oki ifNOTE 590 Pentium90 No information
No information
Omni Viper P5-166MMX Ready
Trident 9385
Panasonic PRONOTE AV Pentium 120 No information
C&T 65548
Let's note AL-N1T512 Pentium 120 Ready

Ready (16bpp)

C&T 65548
Let's note AL-N1T513 Pentium 133 Ready 8/16bpp

yet another Ready

C&T 65550
Let's note AL-N2 P5-150 MMX Ready with Accel-X 2.1 or later, also set VIDEO BIOS MODE to EXPAND TEXT MODE




NeoMagic 2093
CF-61 P5-120 ready
C&T 65550
Let's Note AL-N4T512J5 MMX P5-120 ready
NeoMagic 128ZV
Let's Note CF-S21 MMX P5-200 ready
NeoMagic NM2160(128XD)
Let's Note AL-N2 MMX P5-200 ready
NeoMagic MagicGraph128XD
SANYO Winky MBC-NJP P5-75 ready
C&T 65545
Winky (MBC-S700) P5-120 ready
Winky P-90 Pentium 90 no information
C&T 65545AK
Winkey-MBC-NWP7H5 P-75 ready
C&T 65545
Sharp USA 8800 model Pentium90/75 800x600x256(3)
Cirrus Logic GD7543
Sharp Japan Mebius Pentium100/90/75 800x600x256,16bpp(3)
Cirrus Logic GD7543
Mebius PC-A455 Pentium133 ready
Cirrus Logic GD7548
Mebius PC-S400(DSTN) P120 no information
Cirrus Logic GD7543
Mebius PC-A445H P5-133 ready
Cirrus Logic GD7548
Mebius PC-A360 Pentium120 no information
CL- GD7543
Mebius PC-A354 no info ready
CL- GD7543
Mebius PC-A445 no info ready but 16 colors
ready 256 colors and 16bpp
Mebius PC-A435 P5-133 ready 8bpp and 16bpp
Cirrus Logic GD7548
Mebius PCA335 Pentium?? ready
Mebius MN-5000D Pentium120 ready
Trident Cyber9385
Mebius MN-330-X13 TFT MMX P5-133 ready
Trident cyber9385-1
Mebius MN-5450 P5-150 ready
Trident Cyber 9385
Mebius _PC-FJ10 MMX-P5-266 ready
Trident Cyber 9388
Sony VAIO PCG-505EX MMX P5-233 ready
NeoMagic MagicGraph 128ZV+
PCG 505TX Intel 300MHz P2 ready
Sotec WinBookPro DSTN DX4-100/Pentium 75 800x600 ready(1)(A) Ready Ready
C&T 65545
WinBookPro TFT DX4-100/P-90/120 ready(4)
C&T 65548
WinBookQuattro TFT model Pentium 133/120/90 800x600x256/16bpp ready(1)(A)
C&T 65548
WinBookQuattro DSTN 90 Pentium 120 800x600 ready(1)(A)
C&T 65545
WinBookQuattro/V 133S P5-133 no infomation
C&T 65550
WinBook Slim 133 (Z1P133) P5-133 ready
NeoMagic 128ZV+
SusTeen SusTeen A10i P5-133 ready
C&T 65550
Texas Instruments Extensa 570CD P100 ready(3.3.6)
Cirrus logic cl-gd7543
Toshiba DynaBook HF575 051XT/W Pentium 75 no information
DynaBook GT-R590 Pentium 90 Ready
C&T 65545
TECRA 500 P-120 ready 3.3.x
C&T 65550
Tecra 510 CT P5-133 ready
C&T 65550
TECRA 700 Pentium 120 ready
C&T 65548
Tecra 710CDT P-100 ready
C&T 65550
Satellite CT110 P5-100 ready
C&T 65548
Satellite 200CS DSTN P5-120 ready
C&T 65550
Satellite PRO 410 Pentium 90 XF86Config
C&T 6554x
Satellite Pro 420 P-100 Ready
C&T 65550
Satellite Pro 430 CDS P5-120 Ready
C&T 65550
PORTEGE 620CT P-100 ready



C&T 65548
PORTEGE 650 P-133 no information
C&T 65550
PORTEGE 660CDT P-150 ready ready
C&T 65554
PORTEGE 300CT P5-133MMX ready
C&T 65554
Satellite 210CS P5-120 ready
C&T 65550
Portege SS 3010CT MMX-P5-266 ready
NM2160 (MagicGraph128XD)
Portege SS 3300 CT MMX-P5-266 ready
NeoMagic 2200 (
Sattelite Pro 490CDT PII 233 ready
S3 Virge/MX
Portege 7000CT P5-II 266Mhz ready
Dynabook Satellite 2510 CDT MMX P5-266 MHz ready(3.3.6)
Chips and Technology 69000 PCI
TSUKUMO & TATUNG TS-MN400PRO/540CD DX4-100 no information
no information
TSUKUMO & ACER TS-590 Pentium 90 no information
no information
TS-4100S Cyrix5x86-100 no information
no information
Twinhead SLIMNOTE-8 Pentium 90 no information
no information
PowerSlim 600 P5-IIm 366 ready
Trident Cyber 9525DVD
TWO-TOP WINZ-P120/100/90C Pentium 120/100/90 no information
no information
WINZ-100S TS-30C DX4-100 no information
no information
Fastruner MMX P5-200 ready
Trident Cyber 9385


AKIA Tornade 515XP P5-150 ready

yet another ready report

C&T F65550
MicroBook 200/4 P5-200 ready
Trident Cyber 9382
AMS Roadster (custom) AMD K6-2 400MHz. ready
AST Ascentia M Intel Pentuim MMX 233MHz ready
Cirrus Logic clgd7556
Canon INNOVA 3200FX P5-200 info and info (use Sotec Quattro XF86Config) ready 8/16/24bpp
C&T 65550
DAEWOO Notebook CN620 P6-II ready
Trident Cyber 9397DVD
DELL Inspiron 3000 M266XT MMX P5-266 ready
NeoMagic NM2160
Latitude CSx P5-III 500mhz ready
NeoMagic MagicGraph 256ZX
Inspiron 7000 and external CRT. P2 300Mhz ready
EPSON Direct NT-1000 Pentium3 600MHz ready
Savage MX-MV
Fujitsu FMV-575NA/T Pentium 75 Now working
C&T 65545
FMV-5120NA/X Pentium 120 ready (4)
C&T 65545
FMV-5133NA/X Pentium 133 1024x768x256(A)
1024x768x256(not need rebuild boot program)
Trident Cyber 9385
FMV-5150NA/X P5-150 1024x768x256


Trident Cyber 9385
FMV BIBLO NE723X MMX P5-233 ready
Trident Cyber 9388-1
FMV-BIBLO NE7 20 MMX P5-200 ready
Trident Cyber 9388
Lifebook E340 P6-II 266 ready
Trident Cyber 9388
Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO NR IX 30L Celeron-300MHz ready
FMV-BIBLO NE2/450L Intel P5-III 450MHz ready
ATI RAGE Mobolity
FMV-BIBLO MF3/500X P5-III 500MHz ready
Trident Cyber 9525 DVD.
FMV-6366NU4-L PentiumII 366MHz ready(3.3.6) ready(4.0.2)
ATI Mobility-1 graphics accelerator
FMV-BIBLO MC4/45C Mobile Celeron 450MHz ready
Trident Cyber 9525 DVD.
FSI Computer Portable ATX Case this is a Portable Case and can be configured individually ready
Trident Cyber 9397DVD
Gateway2000 Solo 9100 233XL P5-MMX-233 ready
C&T 65555
SOLO 9100-XL MMX P5-266 ready
Chips & Technologies C&T 65555
SOLO 9100 Trident E6.0 Bios MMX P5-266 ready
Trident Cyber9397
Solo5150 266LS Mobile P2 266 ready
NeoMagic 256AV (NM2200)
Gericom HydroSpeed AMD K6-2/500 ready
Trident Cyberblade 7i
HITACHI Prius note 20M (204T36M) Intel Celeron 366MHz ready
ATI Rage LT Pro
IBM ThinkPAD 760E P5-150 ready ready
Trident Cyber 9385
ThinkPAD 760ED P5-133 ready
ThinkPad 760XD MMX P5-166 ready
Trident Cyber9395
ThinkPAD 770 MMX P5-233 ready
Trident Cyber9397
ThinkPAD 600 Pentium2 266 ready
NeoMagic 128XD
ThinkPAD 390X Intel P5-II 400MHz ready
NeoMagic 2200 (256AV)
ThinkPad i Series 1200 (type 1161) Mobile Celeron 500 MHz ready
SMI LynxEM4+
ThinkPad iSeries 1200 1161-92J P5-III 700MHz ready XFree86-4.0.3
Sillicon Motion Lynx EM+
ThinkPad i 1620-23J Intel Mobile Celeron 500MHz ready(3.3.3)
ATI RAGE Mobolity M(AGP)
ThinkPad i1124 (2609-93J) BD6BC low Power Mobile PentiumIII 500MHz ready(4.0.3)
Silicom motion LynxEM4+
ThinkPad X20 2662-34J Intel Mobile Pentium-III 600MHz w/ SpeedStep technology ready (XFree86-4.1.0)
ATI Rage Mobility M
IPC Topnote F Intel Celeron 500 MHz ready
Silicin Motion Lynx
TopNote H Intel P5-III 700 MHz ready
SiS 630 rev 16 AGP
Jetta Jetbook 7120 Intel 233MHz MMX ready
Trident TGUI 9660/9680/9682 rev 211
KeyData KeyNote 8800 MMXP5-233 ready
C&T 65555
Medion Notebook MD 9888 P6-II 233 Deschutes ready
Trident Cyber9397 Version: 0xf3
Micron Transport Trek-II P5-II ready , ready
Trident Cyber 9397
Mitsubishi apricot NOTE SX Pentium 90 ready (4)
C&T F65545
NEC Versa 6030X P-133 ready
C&T 65550
Versa 6050MX P5-150 Ready (256 colors)
C&T F65550
VersaPro NX VA30D P6-II 300 ready
Trident Cyber 9388
Panasonic CF62PD (1024x768) P5-133 ready
C&T 65550
Let's Note ace/A44-J8 MMX P5-266 ready
NeoMagic MagicMedia256AV (NM2200)
Let's note Ace A77, CF-A77J81 Celeron 300MHz ready
NeoMagic NM2200 rev 32
SGI 1600SW LCD no CPU - this is a PCI card and LCD monitor ready
Number Nine "Ticket to Ride" (T2R)
Sharp Japan WIDE- Mebius MN-7250 Pentium150 ready
WIDE- Mebius PC-W100 P5-133 not ready

ready more info ready

S3 86CM65
Mebius MN-7350 P5 ready
S3 86CM65
Mebius Note MN6350D P5-150 ready ready

for XFree86 3.3 3.3.2 new-info

Trident Cyber9385
Mebius MN-320 X13 P5-MMX-133 ready
Trident 9660/968x/938x, Linear Accelerated
Mebius MN550-X20 MMX P5-200 ready
Tridnet Cyber9385-1
Mebius MN-450-H23 P5-II 233MHz ready
Trident Cyber 9388
Mebius MN-7750 MMX P5 150 ready
Trident Cyber9385
Proside Aquizz300-T366 P6-II 366 ready
Lynx SM910(Silicon Motion Inc.)
SHARP Mebius PC-PJ2-X4 Intel P5-II 333MHz ready XFree86-4.1.0
Trident Cyber 9525/DVD

WinBookQuattro/V 133X (1024x768x65536)

P5-133 ready ready ready
C&T 65550
WinBook Bird S3P 100S (1024x768) P5-100 ready
C&T 65548
e-note H370TDX4 Intel P5-700Mhz ready
Trident Cyberblade/i1
Toshiba TECRA 720CDT P-133 no information
C&T 65550
TECRA730XCDT P-150 ready
C&T 65550
Tecra 720CT (PA1219JW) P5-133 ready
C&T 65550
SS7020x mibile celeron 333 ready
NeoMagic 256AV (NM2200)
SS3380 mibile PentiumII 400 ready with XF86Setup
NeoMagic 256AV (NM2200)?
Satellite 4070CDT Celeron Mobile 366 MHz ready
Trident Cyber 9525 DVD
Dynabookss3380 Mobile PentiumII 400 ready
NeoMagic MagicMedia 256AV (NM2200)
Dynabook Satellite 4320 P5-III 600MHz ready
S3 Savage IX
Toshiba Dynabook SS3440 Intel Mobile Pentium3-500MHz ready
Trident Cyber9525DVD
DynaBook SS DS50C/1N8M Intel Celeron 500MHz ready XFree86-4.1.0
ShowBook 8CD Pentium2-266MHz ready


TOSHIBA LibrettoL1 Transmeta Crusoe TM5600 600MHz ready(XFree86 4.0.3)
S3 Savage/IX


Inspiron 7500 PIII 500 ready


Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO NE5/800HR Intel P5-III 800MHz ready
ATI RAGE Mobility P
IBM ThinkPad-T21 (model: 2647-5AJ) Intel PentiumIII 850MHz ready
S3 Savage/IX w/MV
ThinkPad A22m S1J INTEL PentiumIII 900MHZ ready (4.0.3)
ATI Rage 128 Mobility LF


Inspiron 5000e UXGA Intel P5-III 800MHz/650MHz Speedstep ready(4.0.2)
ATI Rage 128 Mobility LF (AGP)

external LCD

I-O Data
LCD-D15T(with Gateway2000 P5-200) MMX P5-200MHz ready
GA-TR02(I-O Data)

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Written by Yoshiro MIHIRA